Explore Florida on Sereno Miles of Trails This Fall!

Miles of Trails

With the weather cooling down, there is no better time to find the perfect walking or running path in your new neighborhood, Sereno! Sereno has miles of trails, so finding your own trail that you fits your exercise needs, feels safe and helps bring peace to your daily routine is a priority when moving to a new neighborhood. It is important for your physical health, as well as your mental wellness.

We have a few helpful tips that allow you to lay your path in a new neighborhood. Luckily with the miles of trails located throughout Sereno blazing your own trail will be simple!

Partner Up! One of the most proven ways to stick to your workouts is to partner up – it’s fun and you feel a sense of accountability to one another. Having someone to share a beautiful walk or run with makes scoping out new trails a fun adventure. Find a friend that enjoys crisp morning jogs or afternoon walks to explore new paths in your neighborhood.

Map It Out! Even drawing up a simple rough sketch of your planned walk can help you plot out the areas you’d like to check out. Grab a pencil and piece of paper to sketch out trailheads and distances throughout Sereno in relation to your home.

Take a Drive! If you’re a before sunrise or after sunset walker, take the car to scope out which trails and streets are well-lit for your path. You will be able to map out where you want to go based on available light for safe running.

Know The Parks! Get familiar with the parks in your neighborhood. Sereno has multiple fitness stations, parks and water stops to enhance your walk or jog.

Find The Scenery! Whether you enjoy nature trails or paved sidewalks that allow you to say hello to the neighbors – find the scenery that fits your style. Enjoying where you walk or jog can make a huge difference in the commitment level you’ll dedicate to your routine. Enjoy what you see!

Sereno has multiple trails and pathways for creating a niche track that fits your fitness needs. Check out all Sereno has to offer!

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