Sereno Offers All The Elements For Your Healthiest Year Yet!

sereno elements

Sereno, Southern Hillsborough’s newest community, offers residents all the elements for a great life. From luxury amenities and gorgeous parks to nature trails and the nearby Hillsborough river­ Sereno is more than a neighborhood, it’s the kind of place you find serenity and with that serenity, you find a calmer, more relaxed you.

For this New Year, we suggest making a resolution that brings you complete health from the outside to within. Find your serenity and peace of mind this year for a healthier you by spending more time outside, walking trailside near the river, breathing in some fresh air and enjoying the Florida sunshine. You don’t have to spend money for expensive yoga classes, meditation sessions or gym memberships this year ­ Sereno has all the elements to help you become your healthiest self.

Sereno offers several miles of fitness trails around the community that are perfect for walkers, runners, bikers and hikers. The trails connect with several destinations outside the community, so you have access to longer workouts if that is what you are looking for. Along the trails within Sereno, you will find outdoor fitness stations that are designed to target all your muscles through fun calisthenic workouts. Calisthenic training is a form of exercise that uses your bodyweight for resistance. Proven to be easier on joints and the body than weight training ­ calisthenic workouts are a great way to strengthen your muscles without overworking yourself with heavy weights. The Sereno fitness stations allow you to get in the exercise you need, without ever paying a gym membership again! The best part? You can get your cardio in with a brisk jog to one of the many fitness stations within the community and cool down on your walk home. Getting and staying fit has never been easier!

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