Sereno Safety Tips for Trick or Treating!

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating
The time for trick or treating is coming up this weekend and we’ve decided to make a list of tips to help you navigate your way through safely this Halloween. Sereno is an ideal place for trick or treat fun; the gated neighborhood offers a safe place for families to explore their community together after dusk, but we want to make sure you’re taking all safety precautions this season. Check out our safety tips for Trick or Treating and have a spectacular Halloween!

  1. Add reflective tape, glow sticks or lights to your child’s costume to help light them up at night. You can put battery operated string lights in their candy bag for extra light that adds a fun touch to their costume! Kids love flashlights and won’t mind carrying them – try to find a flashlight with a wrist tie, so they can keep it on their wrist for easy access. 
  2. When buying your child’s costume, check the tag to ensure that it is made of flame retardant material. Wigs, long sleeves and other strips of cloth on costumes can be a hazard if your child is around candles – teach them to be wary of flames in pumpkins just in case. 
  3. If your child’s costume involves a prop, such as a sword or cane, make sure the prop isn’t so long that it will trip them up. Also, check to make sure it isn’t too sharp anywhere and remind them not to run with it pointing up! 
  4. If your kids are going out alone, map out their route before they leave the house. You can even walk the route with them to help map it out in their memory. 
  5. Check treats and help your kids remove any that may be tampered. If your child has allergies, help them identify the treats they are able to consume and those that may be harmful. 
  6. Always cross at crosswalks and stay on the sidewalk where possible during trick or treating hours. Cars may stop and let kids pass, but not every motorist is paying attention, so crossing at appropriate crosswalks is important.

Halloween is a time for fun and laughter. Sereno is the perfect neighborhood for ghoulish trick or treating, share your children’s costumes on our Facebook!

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